Name a puppy

Thinking of fully supporting a Seeing Eye Dog? It costs $50,000 and up to two years to train a Seeing Eye Dog.

You can help turn our cute puppies into fully capable and trained Seeing Eye Dogs by investing $50,000 in a single payment or over two years AND name your puppy!

You can enjoy your tax advantages by receiving a fully tax deductible receipt and make a life changing difference to Australians who are blind or have low vision at the same time.

Vision Australia’s Seeing Eye Dogs Australia provides mobility dogs nationwide and free of charge.

As a puppy sponsor you will share a dog’s two year journey from puppyhood through to graduation as a Seeing Eye Dog.

As a sponsor you’ll receive regular update letters and photos from your puppy. If you have a workplace, your puppy can come and visit and even share birthday celebrations with you and your colleagues.

Become a full Puppy Sponsor today and contact the Relationships Manager on 1300 847 466 or contact us.